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Request Estimate for Carpet Cleaning

1Select Areas to be Cleaned

Select one or more areas to be cleaned.


  • Family Room

    based on 330 sq. ft.

  • Dining Room

    based on 105 sq. ft.

  • Living Room

    based on 260 sq. ft.

  • Office

    based on 123 sq. ft.

  • Great Room

    based on 625 sq. ft.


  • Small Hallway

    based on 30 sq. ft.

  • Medium Hallway

    based on 50 sq. ft.

  • Large Hallway

    based on 80 sq. ft.


  • Small Bedroom

    based on 85 sq. ft.

  • Medium Bedroom

    based on 140 sq. ft.

  • Master Bedroom

    based on 260 sq. ft.

Miscellaneous Areas/Services

  • Loft

    based on 120 sq. ft.

  • Sunroom

    based on 200 sq. ft.

  • Laundry Room

    based on 100 sq. ft.

  • Stairs

    based on 12 steps

  • Small Stair Landing

    based on 12 steps, 1 landing

  • Med-Lg Star Landing

    based on 13 steps, 2 landing

  • Pet Urine Stains

    call for pricing

2Schedule Now

Click on a day on the calendar below to schedule your appointment. (Note: You will be contacted to setup an exact time on the date selected).

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3Contact Information

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