Area Rug Cleaning

We carry out the same principles when it comes to cleaning area rugs as we do when we clean carpet. We are referred by some of the top carpet retailers in town for one good reason and one good reason only. We do it right or we don’t do it. When we decided to branch our services into area rug cleaning based primary because of our carpet cleaning customers asking to take care of their area rugs, we went out and got the necessary training, equipment and detergents to do it. You can trust us to treat your rug with exceptional care from pick up to delivery. Please review the steps taken in our rug washing process:

  • Drop off or Pick up
    Our customers can drop off their area rug or we’ll be more than happy to pick it up. We know how busy your days are, so this would be one less item you would have to worry about. Whatever you decide, when it arrives in our shop we immediately tag it with your name and special details regarding the rug.
  • Pre-Inspection
    Upon arrival the rugs go thru a thorough full-page inspection report, making you aware of anything that may be present and needs to be addressed. This process also helps us determine what type of detergents should be used, based on the type of material your rug is made out of, i.e., cotton, wool, etc.
  • Dry Soil Removal
    We thoroughly remove as much dry soil as possible using a special machine and vacuums. The process starts by laying the rug out upside down on a special grate on the floor. A machine is then run over the rug and shakes out all the dry soil falling down into the grate. The rug is then turned over and we do the same process to the top surface. After completion, We use a 2-stage vacuum and make multiple passes over the rug on both sides.
  • Rug Bath
    Area rugs sometimes are extremely delicate, and after careful inspection, it is determined whether the rug is hand scrubbed or scrubbed with a machine. The rug is then thoroughly submersed in water and then the proper detergent is determined based on what type of material your rug is made from. Exceptional care is taken in this step, due to the number of different materials available. Our wash pit is set at an angle on one end so fresh water is constantly running over the rug, whisking away the dirt underneath the grates. The washing process, on occasion, can take more than one time to thoroughly clean your rug.
  • Rinse
    While in the wash pit, tremendous amounts of water is used to thoroughly rinse your rug. As the water is running over the surface, we squeegee the excess soap and dirt, than flip the rug over and repeat this process until we are completely satisfied and the running water is clear.
  • Drying
    Depending on the type of area rug, it may be hung to dry or laid upside down to dry. Occasionally, depending on the type of dyes and material the rug is made out of, flat drying is required. Either way, you know the drying process is taken care of correctly in a climate controlled room.
  • Packaging
    After the drying process, your area rug is carefully packaged in white paper with an identifying name tag. Extra care is taken to assure the customer that the area rug is kept clean whether it’s delivered or picked up.

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